Register today for the Growth 500 CEO Summit 2018 – Canadian Business

Register today for the Growth 500 CEO Summit 2018 – Canadian Business

07:45 am

Breakfast and networking


Opening remarks


Keynote: You’ve Mastered Bad and Ugly, Now Let’s Tackle Good

Speaker: Melissa Nightingale founder and partner, Raw Signal Group, and co-author of How F*cked Up is Your Management? An Uncomfortable Conversation About Modern Leadership

You know how to motivate your team when the odds are stacked against you and your competitors are closing in. You long ago perfected your rallying cry. It’s a large part of the reason you’re sitting here today. Many leaders develop tools and strategies for succeeding when the wind is at their face. In this keynote, bestselling author, startup warrior, and Silicon Valley transplant Melissa Nightingale talks about what happens in those occasional moments as leaders when the wind is at our backs.


Digitize Now: Transform Your Business

In an increasingly connected, automated and data-driven world, businesses need to embrace new technologies or risk falling behind. BDC will present key facts and insights for entrepreneurs to measure their digital performance and take action to digitize now.

10:00 am

Networking break

10:30 am

The Growth 500 Idea Exchange

Presented in partnership with CEO Global Network, the Growth 500 Idea Exchange features mediated small-group peer-to-peer conversations in which you can discuss, and help to solve, the top issues facing your business today. Come prepared to share, learn and establish invaluable connections with your entrepreneurial peers.


Cocktail reception and networking

12:15 pm

The Growth 500 Awards Luncheon

Over a three-course lunch, Canadian Business will celebrate the entrepreneurial successes of this year’s Growth 500 and Startup 50 winners, and give special recognition to companies for achievements in such areas as revenue growth, international trade and job creation.

1:30 pm

Lessons from the Best: Outlast and Outperform
Speakers: Peter Brown and Lorrie King, Deloitte Private partners and co-leaders of the Canada’s Best Managed Companies program

In today’s complex and ever-evolving economy, what does it take for ambitious businesses to outperform the market? At a time when sustained success is far from guaranteed in any industry, what can businesses do to outlast the competition? In this vital session, Peter Brown and Lorrie King will draw from their unique experience working with private businesses in Canada, and from in-depth research conducted drawn from more than 600 of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, to provide actionable strategies you can use to outlast and outperform.

2:00 pm

Networking break


Growth Clinics, Block One

It’s time to go deep and learn from your peers, as well as experts in the field. These interactive workshops will be chock-full of proven advice and useful takeaways you can apply to your business. Three workshops will run concurrently in Block One; the same three workshops will run concurrently in Block Two. You’ll have a chance to attend two of the three sessions.

  • Workshop A: What Employees Want Now

    For growing companies, attracting and retaining amazing employees isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a competitive differentiator and a key driver of success. But ever-evolving expectations and shifting demographic trends can make it difficult to know what employees really want. In this interactive panel discussion, veteran Growth 500 CEOs and Amy Ferguson from Sun Life Financial will draw from experience and data to discuss what incentives and conditions work, what don’t, and what smart employers need to do to today to attract tomorrow’s top talent.

  • Workshop B: Make Big Data Your Big Advantage

    In 2018, businesses are drowning in information about their clients, their competitors and their employees. Big data holds the promise of radically transforming the ability of companies to sell, to compete and to thrive—and, in many cases, to change the world. Yet many businesses struggle to fully capitalize on this promise. What are some proven ways to harness that data as a means to make critical business decisions? Which tools, tactics and approaches should companies engage to manage the glut of information? What role can artificial intelligence and other bleeding-edge technology play in the process? In this timely and in-depth discussion, a panel of experts—including veteran Growth 500 CEOs and a big-data leader from Microsoft Canada—will share their secrets and show you how to make big data your big advantage.

  • Workshop C: How to Build a Global Empire

    It’s not easy to build a great business in Canada, and the process gets even more complex beyond our borders. The Growth 500 contains some Canadian companies that have done so with aplomb, and they have a great deal to share on everything from making connections, to marketing, to harnessing the right processes and tools, to managing logistical and geographical complexities. In this session, the CEOs of internationally-renowned Growth 500 companies, along with Paul Roman of American Express Canada, will talk about what works, what doesn’t and what’s needed to create an international empire.

  • 3:00pm

    Growth Clinic, Block Two

  • Workshop A: What Employees Want Now
  • Workshop B: Make Big Data Your Big Advantage
  • Workshop C: How to Build a Global Empire

  • 3:45 pm

    Networking Break


    Keynote: How to Make Happiness Your Competitive Advantage

    Speaker: Neil Pasricha, globally renowned happiness expert, entrepreneur and bestselling author of The Book of Awesome and
    The Happiness Equation

    Does great work lead to happiness? Or… does happiness lead to great work? In this lively and constructive talk, Neil Pasricha—the so-called “pied piper of happiness—shares counterintuitive research-based answers in this fun, fast-paced, research-grounded tour of the emerging neuroscience and positive psychology landscape. He challenges your audience by asking: “Would you press a button and have 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales, and 300% greater creativity on Monday morning?” Based on fresh research Pasricha published in Harvard Business Review together with the latest in neuroscience and positive psychology, this speech is just about motivation—it’s about application. Prepare to leave with the tools you need to build a happier, more successful, organization.


    CEO Summit closing remarks, door prizes, cocktail kick-off


    Growth 500 30th Anniversary Cocktail Reception

    Celebrate 30 years of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, and your company’s great achievement, by raising a glass with your peers.

    7:00 pm

    Event ends

    * Agenda is subject to change. More speakers will be added as we get closer to the event date; please check back regularly for updates!

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